Calculation Selection Tool

Selections are available for various applications.
Conditions of use must be entered such as conveying speed, and weight, etc.

Before using the gearmotor calculation selection tool.
Please read carefully before using the gearmotor calculation selection tool.

When using the gearmotor selection tool(hereafter referred to as "this calculation selection tool") provided on the website by Nissei Corporation(hereafter referred to as "we"), please be sure to read the notes and disclaimers below and use it only if you agree to all the terms. If you disagree, you may not be able to use this calculation selection tool.

Notes & Disclaimers

  1. The calculation results from this calculation selection tool are all reference values and we do not guarantee the contents. Please use it as a reference when selecting a product. When using the product, be sure to recalculate and check if it meets the conditions of use.
  2. We do not take any responsibility for any damage, disadvantage or trouble caused to users or third parties by using this calculation selection tool or its calculation results.
  3. Contents of the calculation selection tool are subject to change without notice.We take no responsibility for any loss of opportunity due to the changes of the calculation selection tool.
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